2 elderly African lions die at California zoos

2 elderly African lions die at California zoos

Two beloved, elderly lions have died at zoos in California.

The San Francisco Zoo announced Wednesday that a 16-year-old male African lion named Jahari died Monday of old age. African lions live to about 14 in the wild.

He was born at the zoo in 2003 and raised by the staff after his mother died shortly after giving birth.

The zoo’s CEO, Tanya Peterson, says Jahari will be remembered for his bellowing roar that could be heard from every corner of the zoo.

Jahari leaves a mate and a son.

This undated photo provided by the San Diego Zoo shows M’bari, an African male lion, who came to the zoo with his mate in 2009. The zoo announced that M’bari was euthanized Wednesday, May 22, 2019, at age 15, after being in declining health from age-related problems. M’bair is one of two beloved, elderly lions that have died at zoos in California.

(IKen Bohn/San Diego Zoo via AP)

Meanwhile, the San Diego Zoo says a 15-year-old lion named M’bari was euthanized Wednesday.

The zoo says the African male was in declining health from age.

M’bari and his mate came to the zoo in 2009. The zoo says M’bari’s roar also could be heard around the facility.