Hello, Mr. K Cultural performances for international students in Korea

Hello, Mr. K  Cultural performances for international students in Korea
International students in Korea were able to stroll through some royal structures to learn and experience traditional Korean culture on Wednesday... as they enjoyed a special cultural performance at Seoul's Changdeokgung Palace.Lee Min sun has more.A group of international students had a rare chance to time travel back to the Joseon Dynasty on Wednesday afternoon.Well, at least in the figurative sense. This reenactment event is part of a cultural program titled "Hello, Mr. K", featuring a series of music and dance performances at one of Korea's main royal palaces, Changdeokgung Palace.The moment visitors walk into the secret garden of the royal palace, actors and performers dressed up in Hanbok, or traditional Korean attire, and historical costumes start playing their respective roles, including the king and members of the royal family. The visitors are invited to the royal garden as the King's guests, and together, they hold a royal picnic to celebrate the Queen's birthday.While enjoying the performances, the students are given a special task. They must video record the performances while giving explanations in Korean. These videos will go online at Hello Mr. K website and various online platforms."Hallyu or the Korean Wave has definitely put Korean pop music and TV dramas on the map, but when it comes to traditional culture, there is still room for improvement. So that's what this program is about, a way to better understand Korea"I thought it was really really lovely. I've been here before on a guided tour as well but I thought this was nice and got so much information I didn't know yet even being on a tour before. And of course the weather's beautiful and the surroundings are beautiful and I'm really glad I can come and enjoy this. I'm really happy. I loved it."Amidst various musical pieces, a traditional royal dance known as Chunaengmu, or nightingale dance was also performed.The royal picnic comes to a close with a spectacular Hanbok show put together by renowned designer Park Sul yeo."Hello Mr. K has been held at different locations and under different themes every year since 2015... and this year two more events are scheduled to take place at two local universities."Lee Min sun Arirang News.