100-year-old woman celebrates life of giving back to others

100-year-old woman celebrates life of giving back to others

Friends and family from as far away as England attended a very special event on Saturday – that even featured a dance with the mayor of Saskatoon.

It was Rose Jarmon’s 100th birthday celebration.

She received birthday cards from the city, the country and the queen.

“I just love all the people and I used to walk with my dogs a lot. I guess that helps,’ said Jarmon.

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Jarmon has been active in the community for decades.

Volunteering for local charities and non-profits, including the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

A cause close to her heart.

“She is a passionate community leader,” said Dale Oughton, director of development for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. “She has helped countless charities over her 100 years, no doubt. Heart and Stroke is lucky enough to have Rose.”

She volunteers so much because one of her favourite things is other people.

Jarmon says she puts others well-being before her own.

Perhaps that’s why so many attended her birthday.

Carol Kindrachuck has known Jarmon for years, and says she always known just when to reach out.

“She would phone out of the clear blue sky and just when you’re feeling a little low, there’s Rose calling you. It’s like she has a built-in knowing,” added Kindrachuck.

Her brother Bill Werezak isn’t surprised at the attention she’s getting.

“She always an outgoing person even from the time she was going to school,” said Werezak.

Looking back over her life, she says the best thing you can do is to be kind to others.

“I believe that people should be doing more charity work, like I did. If I can do it to 100 years, why couldn’t other people do it?” said Jarmon.

Even after 100 years, she says she will keep volunteering.