Young local artist making music in Saskatoon

Young local artist making music in Saskatoon

One singer is trying to put her mark on the music industry in Saskatoon.

Jessica Kelly, 13, is passionate about sharing her emotions through original songwriting and wants to inspire others to do the same.

“Ever since I was a little I wanted to be a singer,” she said.

“I’d sing in the shower every single day and I still do.”

Kelly began taking vocal and piano lessons at age 11 and hasn’t stopped belting out notes since.

“I get to express how I feel without having to have a conversation with someone,” she explained. “I can sing out my feelings instead of talking them out and I feel like it’s a better way of getting my emotions across.”

The pop singer/songwriter released her first music video this spring. She previously travelled to Toronto and Los Angeles for her work, but was happy to find out she was able to produce her video here at home in Saskatoon.

“We started looking around, I had no idea any of these places existed like Nolita Studios, I didn’t know there were recording studios here,” she said. “When I found that out it was really amazing to me and I felt really proud.”

Jessica’s mother, Trina Greene, said her daughter’s hard work and accomplishments continue to amaze her.

“All of a sudden she’s hitting notes and we were jaw dropped, I can’t believe this is going this well,” she said.

For being only 13, Greene is incredibly proud of Jessica.

“When she first wrote her song and you listen to the song and it’s about support from a mother,” she said.

“I was dumbfounded, I was so excited.”

Jessica is hopeful someday her music career could lead to a duet with one of her music idols.

“Avril Lavigne, I love her so much,” she said. “I know that sounds insane coming from a 13-year-old girl but I have an entire playlist just all Avril Lavigne songs.”

Jessica is currently working on four more original songs and hopes to have them out by this fall.