Saint-Jérôme police jokingly issue 6-year-old girl a driving ticket

Saint-Jérôme police jokingly issue 6-year-old girl a driving ticket

Police officers in Saint-Jérôme issued a fake driving ticket to a 6-year-old girl on Friday.

Mélodie Cherkezian was riding home on Paul Street in Saint-Jérôme early Friday evening, returning from Saint-Pierre park with with her parents, when the comedic police intervention took place.

Two officers were patrolling the park on their bikes and stopped for a friendly chat with the little girl, said Véronique Fortin, the child’s mother.

Mélodie was riding a toy vehicle.

Fortin thought it made for a cute sight and asked the officers if she could document the moment.

She asked if the officers would jokingly write her daughter up for using her phone while driving, which isn’t an entirely untrue charge, as the six-year-old owns her own iPhone and was using it while operating her toy car.

The two officers happily obliged and wrote up Mélodie’s mock driving ticket and posed for several pictures, Fortin said.

“She wouldn’t stop smiling and laughing,” said the girl’s father, Raffi Tcherkezian.

“I think she enjoyed getting stopped by the police a little too much,” he told Global News.

“They were very friendly and nice,” Fortin said about the officers. “We even saw them again the following night and they came over to say hi to Mélodie.”

Tcherkezian said the novelty driving infraction is hung on Melodie’s bedroom wall. Her father said they will use it as a learning lesson to teach Mélodie that people shouldn’t be on their phones while driving, even if her driving years are about a decade away.

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