Canadian couple stranded by hurricane Dorian arrive safely in Nassau

Canadian couple stranded by hurricane Dorian arrive safely in Nassau

A pair of Canadian doctors stranded by hurricane Dorian have safely made it from hard-hit Abaco Island to Nassau in the Bahamas.

Kristin Dudley, a resident of Greenfield Park, Que., said on Thursday that her parents are safe and she is leaving Canada to join her family.

Dr. Denis Dudley and Dr. Sharyn Laughlin from Ottawa were at the family home on Abaco Island in the northern Bahamas when hurricane Dorian, then a Category 5 storm, struck last week.

The pair, along with two of their friends, took shelter in the home’s attic after the storm ripped part of the roof and washed out the main floor. After briefly making contact with their family on Sunday, Dudley says she didn’t hear from her parents for days.

Earlier this week, the family in Canada contacted various emergency services in the region and the Canadian Embassy. Dudley says they were told nothing could be done until the storm died down.

After days of silence, the doctors were able to contact their office in Ottawa on Wednesday morning to say they were safe and they were working on leaving Abaco Island.

After they safely made it off Abasco Island, Dudley says she is on her way to meet her parents.

The powerful hurricane has killed at least 20 people in the Bahamas. Rescue operations are underway after the storm slammed the tropical region for two days.

The torrential rain and strong winds have affected thousands of homes, crippled infrastructure and left residents stranded.

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— With files from Global News’ Phil Carpenter, The Canadian Press and The Associated Press