Lethbridge women gather at semi-annual conference to talk business

Lethbridge women gather at semi-annual conference to talk business

Women in all stages of business — whether employees or entrepreneurs — gathered at the semi-annual Women in Business conference on Thursday.

The conference’s theme was transitions, which was helpful for attendees like Kate Miller, who is transitioning from being part of someone else’s company to starting her own.

“Seeing all of the women entrepreneurs in this city and what they’ve achieved, that it’s possible to open your own business and be successful, it definitely inspires me to start my own business,” said Miller, who is the owner of OnTrack HR.

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Miller just started the company this month and came to the conference to hear speakers that are in later stages of operating a business — individuals like Heather Tytula, co-owner of Brio Salon.

“I just think it’s so important in Lethbridge to be part of Women in Business,” Tytula said. “To be supportive, to gain ideas and insights from others.”

When Tytula opened Brio Salon, she had just five employees and two of them were family. Now, 10 years later, she has 32.

Tytula moved to Lethbridge 30 years ago as a hairdresser with two babies and went through many transitions in her life to end up where she is today — “from being a mom, to being a hairdresser, to being a business owner and now to being a coach [for my employees],” Tytula said.

Tytula’s story struck a chord with some of the newer entrepreneurs, like Miller.

“Realizing that other people have certain fears when they’re starting out,” Miller said, “it helps me realize that I’m not alone.”